9 Years to Month 1 Update #5 [Jan. 2022 Results]

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TL: DR; & Summary

I’m focusing on one of my “simmer sites” that I’ve had for over 9 years. I’ll primarily outsource content for the first year – with a goal of 400 articles by next September. 80% of content will be informational & 20% will be affiliate content. The end goal is 1500 articles at the end of year three. The “Finish Line” for this project is a valuation of $1M.

January 2022: I published a total of 9 articles this past month. The progress shown in month 5 is giving off a lot of positive signs for this site long term. I’m pleased with the trajectory but face three busy months if I want to meet my goal of 320 info articles by April.

Update #5 – January 2022

…the journey continues.

This past month was crazy for me. As I mentioned in my December update, I have been working on the sale of the company I work for. I’ve worked most Saturdays and put in long hours during the week.

My websites all suffered because of it.

My content publishing schedule may have taken a hit, but the site still made progress. Thank goodness for compounding effort…

I’m seeing good traffic, impressions, clicks, and even some “viral” pageviews from Google Discover (this is the first time I’ve ever had a site picked up in this “program” … it will be cool once I can finally get some data on what is working and what is getting clicked).

I’m even more excited about this site & the progress I’m making. January saw consistent days over 100 visits and many days over $1.50/day from just ads. The best day was 277 pageviews and the best ad revenue day was $2.72 (different days).

That’s exciting and promising.

I’m so excited to start adding some affiliate content to this site as well. I can see that income channel far exceeding my ad revenue.

Changing it Up… Again!

I know this will go against my original plan, but I’ve decided to do away with the pre-publishing component of my workflow. I’ll just post content as it comes in, as it is. I’ll do everything I can to make the content readable & the user experience positive (images, excerpts, etc.), but I’m not going to spend a lot of time getting a “good score”.

Instead, I’ll post the content and let it simmer. After year one, I’ll go back and start a big content audit with the intent to interlink & really punch it up. I figure this way I’ll have some idea of the categories/silos which get attention from Google as well as the content that I need to perfect.

My niche is evergreen so the content should be the best in the SERPs – but I’m not going to waste time on content that doesn’t get any love from Google – and I don’t know that the first day. Eight to twelve months after indexing I should know which articles need to be “upgraded”.

This is a long-term website with big goals and TIME to get it right… the little time I’m able to work on the site should be spent getting content published and giving it time to age. Once aged I’ll spend time making it GREAT.

To play off a common saying, “Perfect is the enemy of Good Enough” for me. I’m such a perfectionist I’ve been spending up to 2 hours on each piece of content and now that I’ve had a few months behind me, I can see that some of that content gets 8 pageviews a month. That was time wasted.

So, I’ll just keep publishing and then I’ll come back and edit & optimize (CRO, Images, Quotes, Clickable titles, etc.) in a few months.

Okay, enough blabbing. Here are the stats for January.

Results for Last Month:

  • Published:9
    • Published Words: 9,544
    • Pageviews: 2,931
    • Revenue: $33.86
    • RPM: $11.55
    • Ordered Content: 20
    • Content Banked: 100K Words
      • WordAgents: ~74,600 words
      • WriterAccess: ~25,400 words
    • Expenses: $392 (total budget is $20K)
    • Valuation: -$8K @37X

Milestones Reached:

  • Pageviews for month: 2931 (over 2500 milestone)
    • One-Month Revenue: $33.86 (over $25 milestone)
    • Daily Pageviews: 277 (over 100 milestone)
    • Organic Backlinks: 97 (over 50 milestone)
    • Ahrefs DR: 15 (over 5 & 10 milestones) – this domain sat with a DR of 4 for years (lack of content)

This was a fun month because I was able to update so many milestones. It helps me see that progress is being made. The EPMV for this site is at least 2X my biggest site (for info posts) so it’s encouraging me to keep pumping out content. Once I start hitting the silos with commercial content, I think I’ll see the revenue and RPM jump up.

The other exciting and encouraging unofficial milestone was that January was the first month that was profitable with this site (excluding content spend). I made $9.00! Yes.

Now to have a month where the whole site becomes profitable…

Goals for Next Month:

  • Published Articles: 67
  • (Preview): I had a chat with WordAgents about their TAT. They let me know that they’re sorry (even comped me some free words for the delay) and that the issues should be solved going forward. I told them I would be ordering ~60 articles in the next few days and they said they could get them back to me in 3-4 weeks. I just need to place the orders and we’ll see if they can perform. I have 6 remaining from my December order and I’ll try and get some more flowing from WriterAccess. I’m so excited about affiliate content, I want to try and get the info stuff out of the way fast!

Until Next Time…