Community Sourced “Gotcha Keyword List” for Content Policy (2.9) – Youth Rejection Triggers

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After being burned for the 3rd time now I thought it would be helpful to create a list of “non-obvious objectionable content” that triggers an auto rejection during upload in accordance with the *very loosely defined* content policy changes… specifically for section 2.9.

As mentioned in a prior rant comment, I had a bunch of youth sizes removed for mention of “smoking tires” in some racecar themed designs. Yesterday and today I had rejections for the words “shooting” and “shooter” while referencing First Person Shooter games and shooting games at the arcade. I guess these are “Adult” in nature – SMH. EDIT: I think I’m going to stick to no bullets… it’s a lot less stressful!

Anyway, to that end I’m going to start a list of words that may seem harmless, but due to the fact that someone turned up the sensitivity meter on the rejection AI, will lead to a rejection. Please contribute if you have any (in case you’re wondering, I just had 42 rejections because of “shooter”).


#Words to Avoid if loading to YOUTH Sizes​

– alcohol
– ammo
– ammunition
– assault
– balls (soccer balls shirt)
– beer
– bleed
– booze
– breast (breast cancer shirt)
– breastfeeding
– butt
– cigar
– combat
– drink
– drinking
– drinking squad
– guns and gun
– hippie
– hippy
– Horror + Blood (for Halloween Shirts)
– hunt
– hunter (**seriously!?! I was hunting when I was 10!**)
– joint (shirt referenced joint as in a body part but seems the bot thinks it is referencing a marijuana joint)
– killing it as in “I never dreamed I’d be an awesome ___, but here I am killing it
– LGBT, LGBTQ, lesbian, gay and Gay Pride
– lover (maybe…)
– naked
– pipe
– political – some political designs have been removed in youth
– pregnancy
– pub
– rifle
– sex (as in the context of sex of your baby)
– sexy
– shoot
– shooter
– shooting
– smoke (bbq shirt)
– smoker (bbq shirt)
– smoking
– Trump – hit or miss with these. Probably a combination of other words.
– wine


FWIW AMAZON – Context matters.

EDIT – it would be smart to go through your listings and remove these words from the ones you want to keep up in youth sizes… unless these words are on the designs proper – then you should delete & re-upload. Sad but true.