Merch by Amazon Bucket List

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#Merch Bucket List Update

(New items in Bold)

– Have a $5000+ month (MBA Only)
– Have a $10K+ month (MBA Only)
– Get to tier 20K (even if just qualified, I’ll count that)
– 4 Figure Rolling Weekly Sales
– See someone wearing one of my designs in the wild
– Have someone “famous” wear one of my designs
– Have a design go viral and sell over 500 in a week
– **~~Get a sub 10K BSR on a design~~** (got down to 7529 from ~70 sales in a 24 hour period)
– **~~Sell a design with title & brand only, no bullets~~**
– **~~Sell 1000 of a single design/product~~**
– **~~100+ product sales/day (MBA Only)~~**
– ~~Sell a design the same day it’s loaded~~
– ~~Sell a design within an hour after it’s live~~
– ~~Have a design go viral and sell over 100 in a week~~
– **~~Sell a design priced ridiculously high on a standard shirt~~** *[Priced at $37.99]*
– ~~Sell 500 of a single design~~
– ~~Have a $1000+ month~~
– ~~Have a $2500+ month~~

I need to come up with some more fun ones to keep me motivated. Any thoughts on others?

*I don’t have any control over most of the things on this list – that’s why it’s a bucket list and not a “goal list”. I have goals around the things that I can control… like number of uploads, live designs, etc.*

EDIT: Here are some of the near-term and 2018 **GOALS** I have:

– End the year with 7000 live designs on MBA (this may change due to the addition of other “markets”)
– End the year with 2K live designs on other “marketplaces” (if/when I get them)
– End the year with 2000 live designs on each of the other platforms I’m on (Redbubble, Spreadshirt, Etsy, etc.)
– Average 20 uploads per day for all of 2018 (if I reach 8K designs then I’ve reached this… that’s how the math worked out in January)
– End August with 4K live designs (currently at ~2500)
– Have a catalog of 3500 unique designs by YE 2018 (currently at ~2200)


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