Merch by Amazon Failure – Terminated Account

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Fortunately it was my wife’s account that we just purchased (the new T10) and not my main account, but it’s sad all the same. We were at 80+ sales since going live a month ago.

I will be **gently persistent** with Amazon until I get a reason for the termination. Until then I can only speculate. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 possible reasons:

**Possible Reasons for Termination:**

– I bought the account. Everything was transferred above board and it was in my wife’s business name. Separate bank account. As far as I could tell the account was totally clean (it still had the 120 day countdown banner which leads me to believe nothing was ever loaded to it). I am a registered agent on the business but I kinda doubt that would be the reason. Unless the prior owner did something to get their account banned and this was still linked to them somehow. Might be it, maybe…
– I had a variation of one design on both accounts. I loaded the design to the new account and after it sold a couple times I loaded a variation of it to my main account. If this is the reason, which I kinda doubt as well, then my main account would/should be in jeopardy because it was loaded later. So yea, I’ll sleep well this weekend as I wait for the other shoe to drop! /s
– I purchased a bad design. I bought one design from a ready-made site [redacted]. I don’t think this was it but someone could have reported it if it was close to theirs. I didn’t check the design when I loaded it. I checked the phrases but didn’t do a reverse image search on it [until today. I just checked it and nothing comes up.]
– I somehow missed a TM phrase or copyright notice. Highly unlikely since all designs were my own and the ones that did have words were my own incarnations – all were just checked again today in TESS. It’s clean. In addition to this at T10 EACH & EVERY DESIGN goes through manual review. It took a full week (7 days) to load 10 designs – this was obviously before the freeze in August – and was painful compared to the T1000 loading/approval.
– They didn’t like the velocity of my sales. It’s a stretch, but my little T10 account did 85 sales in 35 days. During the Freeze. During Throttle-geddon. One shirt made up 71 of those sales. [This was my account status as of yesterday]( Not likely, but maybe this was it.

I’m not convinced that I did anything wrong except for maybe not making it *REALLY CLEAR* that I didn’t own the account. If that’s the case then I’ll just take the slap on the wrist an move on with my main account and reuse the designs that had already proven to be great performers.

If it was the fact that I copied myself then hopefully I can explain that and get it reinstated.

If it was something the prior owner did (or the fact that I bought the account) then I’ll also just take my licks and move on.

Either way, as of right now I’m angry but of the mindset that I should just move on and keep my head down. I don’t want it to impact my main account but I also want a *detailed* explanation as to why so I don’t repeat the mistake and can share with everyone here.


**I will not be sharing my designs until I know for certain the reason for the termination.**

They were great designs and all but 1 of them were brought to life from my sketchpad to live design by me and only me. Really didn’t think I’d ever be a gummer that would get culled (rancher reference).

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