Merch by Amazon Journey Update – November 2017

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I’ve had my slots filled for over a week now and I just crossed the 900 sales mark… it kinda stinks knowing that even if I sell 100 shirts in the next few days I’m probably not going to get tiered up until next year.

**Eye Candy**

So, I put together a little eye candy for everyone. [This is what my 900 sales look like since starting last March](


This dashboard comes from my tracking spreadsheet. If you want a copy (it’s on Google Sheets but I can export to Excel) **just shoot me a PM**. If you do get a copy shared with you here are a few notes:

– once I share it with you you’ll want to make a copy for yourself.
– I do not support or update this for you – it’s for me. I’m putting this out there for free just because I’m nice sometimes, so don’t ask me to help you with it if you don’t understand it.
– I’m human. There are probably mistakes.
– I’ve designed the dashboard to accommodate the coming of Hoodies & Long Sleeves but I don’t really know what they’ll be called so things will need to be tweaked when they do come out. I may release an updated version after that’s a reality.
– The spreadsheet is pretty much designed to just copy and paste your sales spreadsheets & your earnings reports when they are produced. I don’t have the most recent earnings report yet but I’m guessing a column will need to be added for shirt type.
– I use the “RAW ASIN” tab to track various things so that’s how it’s built. I track all my live ASINS & have different naming conventions for them to flow to the other tabs. So the spreadsheet is designed so that this tab will have to be kept current and I track whether or not I’ve created a premium variation of the design. I have checks built in in case you miss an ASIN or something. You can tweak as you prefer.
– I have dummy data in there now just so you can see what it looks like – it was actually really time consuming to come up with fake data to fill in, but it was kinda fun at the same time. You’ll need to replace it. (BTW – the yellow areas are where you enter data for the most part, everything else is formula based.)


I’ve just finished my 10th week outsourcing design work. From that I’ve received nearly 500 designs. Spent ~$2000, streamlined my process and have a pretty good idea what does & doesn’t work. That report/post will be loaded tomorrow.

Let me know if you have any questions.

EDIT: had to close a parentheses

EDIT2: If you want the Excel version just PM me and I can send you the link to the Google Sheet. From there you can select File>download copy in Excel.

EDIT3: I’m already breaking my own “no hand-holding code”… but I’ve had a few PMs about “how do you load the data?”

>>For the Sales & Earning tabs you should be able to just copy from your CSV from Merch and paste into the yellow areas. Delete the fake data that’s in there first.
For the RAW ASIN tab you can use something like MerchTools (which now has the export function on the quick editor) or use these tricks from this post to get all your ASINs:

[SOLVED] Finally! Here’s how you can "export" a listing of all your designs. from AmazonMerch

…If you don’t already have them.

You have to enter the individual (aka Selling) ASINS individually on the Profit & Units tabs. I did it this way because I didn’t want all my live ASINS on these tabs, only the ones that have sold. Vlookups & sumifs & countifs functions do the rest of the work.

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